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KAIRAKorea Advanced Intelligent Robot Association
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it is the power of the courts to decide qualification and disqualification under the Constitution", Mr Kaira declared.
Criticising the dichotomy, Qamar Zaman Kaira said the PML-N wanted court decisions only in its favour.
While advising legislation in the parliament to put an end to Kasur-like incidents, Kaira said that there is also a need to correct the system to discourage these incidents.
Kaira slammed the government for withdrawing the bill in the pressure of allies.
Those who have been sacrificed in Dawn leaks case are themselves saying they are innocent, said Kaira.
Appearing shy and uncomfortable during her interview, Kaira said she's hoping to improve on her 10th place finish last year in her age-group division.
Kaira observed that Transparency International had modified its method for calculating its perception index this year and that the current score was incomparable with that of previous year.
Emma, 20, said she felt scared and "violated" by thieves breaking into her home, the place where she and Kaira should be safest of all.
Mr Kaira hinted the party would still take part in the elections for the upper house of the parliament by saying that seeking vote from independent MPAs couldn't be called horse-trading as everyone could approach them.
During a news conference in Faisalabad, PPP leader Qamar Zaman Kaira stressed that his party would not allow democracy to be derailed in the country.
LAHORE -- Former interior minister Qamar Zaman Kaira among leaders of Pakistan People's Party have criticised the federally ruling party on Tuesday and claimed that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz wishes for a 'huge tragedy' to surface in the current political scenario.
MULTAN -- Central leader of Pakistan People's Party Qamar Zaman Kaira on Saturday said though protest was right of Imran Khan but PPP was not in favour of shutting down cities.