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KALASKorean Association for Laboratory Animal Science
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Antonio ran clear of Kalas before getting to the by-line, and his deadly delivery was met by the head of towering front man Dexter Blackstock, who made no mistake to power the ball past Dimi Konstantopoulos.
While Kalas is primarily interested in poetry proper--leaving us to extend her readings to dramatic, theological, or cosmographical texts--her analysis of poesis is far wider than the title's narrow emphasis on "verse" suggests.
The Kalas Award will be given annually to a rising college junior at Philadelphia-area colleges and universities who has expressed a desire and shown initiative toward a career in sports broadcasting.
The pebble-size debris is relatively cold, indicating that it doesn't reside any closer to the star than approximately the distance between Jupiter and the sun, notes Kalas.
Details (C&NW names first): Alf Kavanagh beat Tony Howarth 10-8 9-7 9- 3; Wal Kalas lost to Derek Smith 5-9 9-5 6-9 4-9; Mick Barton beat Trevor Boult 9-6 9-3 9-1; John Dalton beat Tom Jones 9-4 9-0 5-9 9-2; John Hill beat Mel Broome 9-2 9-3 9-5.
Deliberations were heated for the first few days, with the jurors polarized, Kalas said.
Jose Mourinho's side are keen to see how Kalas develops on Teesside this season, and have tied the Czech Republic international down to a new long-term deal.
Harry Kalas had been with the Philadelphia Phillies since 1971 and was known for his distinctive "outta here" home run call.
She paused so an interpreter could pass on the advice, then waited for Kalas to make eye contact.
Nsue had a shocker at rightback, leaving Kalas to worry about keeping Callum Wilson quiet and covering for the walkabout full-back.
Visible dust disks survive for only a short period during a star's lifetime, says Kalas.