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KALFKielecka Amatorska Liga Firm (Polish amateur sports business league)
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The study by Rachel Kalf, from the department of epidemiology at Erasmus University Medical Centre, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, is the first to look at the real predictive ability of such tests, the results of which are available directly to an individual without having to go through a healthcare professional.
In Swart pelgrim beskryf Kolisile die manier waarop die stad 'n houvas op Mfazwe gekry het, as 'n "tier" wat "die jong kalf gryp en nie laat los nie" (Venter 1959: 27).
Kerner's Quick Lube in Merrimack and Exeter and Mobil 1 Lube Express (formerly Lube King) in Hampstead, will all continue to operate, stressed Phil Kalf, a Rhode Island man who with his wife is the sole owner of PCK Holdings I and II, which holds the businesses.
I am the idiot." We then became good friends, quickly discovering that we admired the same artists--Rembrandt, Jakob van Ruisdael, and Willem Kalf, whom he called, "the Rembrandt of still life painters."
See Amy Novak's and Mairi Neeves's analyses of Caruth's treatment of Torquato Tasso's Tancred and Clorinda story in their essays in this issue, and Kalf Tal's critique of Caruth's discussion of the film Hiroshima mon amour by Alain Resnais and Marguerite Duras.
Nevertheless, the major phenolic components of cigarette tar, hydroquinone and catechol, have been reported to suppress the production of interleukin-(IL)1[beta], IL-2, and interferon-[gamma] (Kalf et al.
Four hundred years after Dutch still life artist Willem Kalf painted vessels of wine and plates of fruit, realistic still life art is still making its mark on the art world.
Kalf and Spruijtmetz looked at the variations in clinical practice caused by possible epistemological variance between medical specialities.
Lowenthal, "Contemplating Kalf," in Anne W Lowenthal, ed., The Object as Subject: Studies in the Interpretation of Still Life (Princeton, 1996), p.
stad haat (2, 18); gevangenis deken (0, 20); neus knipsel (6, 14); angst prik (2, 18); industrie rook (4, 16); wijn kiosk (4, 16); kalf beet (2, 18); bevolking ras (0, 20); bier lever (8, 12); overheid geslacht (0, 20); christen klooster (6, 14); dokter klauw (0, 20); fabriek buurt (4, 16); dak gaas (5, 15); aardappel moes (3, 17); rivier massa (15, 5); citroen laan (10, 10); groep hol (0, 20); wetenschap kolder (1, 19); kwaliteit tegenstelling (3, 17); koning lijf (1, 19).