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KALFAKentucky Assisted Living Facilities Association
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porcellus when used as experimental models may be useful in those studies on sexual infantilism in women, polycystic ovary syndrome, ambiguous genitalia at birth, pseudohermaphroditism, female genital virilization (Nobrega et al., 2004; Martin et al., 2008; Costenaro et al., 2010; Kalfa et al., 2010) and other studies on genetic syndromes associated with female pseudohermaphroditism, with alterations in genitalia in the female fetus, as clitoromegaly and hypoplasia of labia minora (Arnold et al., 1999) and McKusick-Kaufman syndrome, in which occurs association with hydrometrocolpos and agenesis of the vagina with the presence of the female urogenital sinus (Slavotinek and Biesecker, 2000).
In cooperation with Zawya and Seen Films, the French Institute in Mounira is hosting a programme called "Arab Cinema Enters Civil Wars" from 22 to 26 March, curated by writer and poet Mohamed Fatthy Kalfa. The schedule features six screenings for documentaries and narrative films depicting case studies of historical and recent civil wars in the Arab world.
2010), and the role of fetal androgens is especially important during the first trimester, when organogenesis takes place (Kalfa et al.