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KALFAKentucky Assisted Living Facilities Association
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Elbaz spoke about the song, noting that the collaboration began when Kalfa sent him the musical track he had produced.
Kalfa said of the proposal, "We should grant Palestinians full citizenship, equality, invest in their local infrastructure and give them voting rights in the Knesset.
Aslican Kalfa, Bilge Sevim Aytekin ve Zeynep Ozge Dinc - Kent ici Ulasimin Cinsiyeti: Ankara Ornegi- calismalarinda kadinlarin kent icinde yasadiklari ulasim sinirliliklarini inceliyorlar.
Cilt) Koray Tanju Cirak Kalfa Usta Korkmaz Zeynep Dil Inkilabinin Sadelesme Ve Turkcelesme Akimlari Arasindaki Yeri (21 Subat 1985 Tarihinde Turk Dil Kurumu'nda Yapilan Konusmanin Metni, Turk Dili, C.
There was, however, fundamental and philosophical agreement within this coalition of key legislators, AARP representatives, state agency personnel, KALFA leaders, other consumer groups, individual consumers, regulators and senior service providers on the central issues: Assisted living clients in Kentucky deserve a preferred residential housing and service arrangement that promotes independence, dignity and choice.
With: Jacques Hansen, Marie Rousseau, Agathe de la Boulaye, Erick Deshors, Francoise Arnoul, Steve Kalfa, Annie Mercier.
See "Matija Mazuranic bio je kalfa u Sarajevu" (Matija Mazuranic Was an Apprentice in Sarajevo), Vjesnik (Zagreb), December 19, 1997, p.
At the moment, from the theatre's point of view, Mars is suspended," spokeswoman Miri Kalfa said.
Such a policy has also been suggested by Kalfa (1967) for Brazil and Tanzi (1977) for Argentina and Chile.
The 10 women are: Cybele (mother goddess), Artemis (goddess of fertility), Mary (mother of Jesus), Theodora (prostitute who became empress), Melike Mama Hatun (female ruler), Mihri Hatun (poet), KE[micro]sem Sultan (mother of the reigning sultan and leader of the harem), Dilhayat Kalfa (composer), Halide Edib Adyvar (writer) and Halet Ecambel (archeologist).
Kalfa et al (21) reported 2 cases associated with a diagnosis of cutaneous meningioma via fine-needle aspiration.