KAMDKentucky Accessible Materials Database (Kentucky Department of Education; Frankfort, KY)
KAMDKelab Anak Melayu Denmark (Malaysian; social organization; Frederiksberg, Denmark)
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The indigenous KAMD system, even if bolstered by U.
If it is not feasible to acquire SM-3s or SM-6s to function as interceptors as part of an underwater KAMD system, there is an urgent need to enhance far-seas ASW operational capability.
Conducting preemptive anti-exit strikes on North Korean naval bases under the concept of the underwater KAMD doctrine will require changes to several aspects of current South Korean practice: expanding the AORs, revising rules of engagement (ROEs), and deploying ROKN submarine forces in the near sea around the Sinp'o naval facility.
Jung Yong Soo, "ROK MND Is Concerned about Its Effect of Neutralizing KAMD and THAAD," Joongang Ilbo, May 11, 2015, p.
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In addition to developing the KAMD, South Korea also raised spending on its Korea Fighter Experimental (KF-X), the country's development program for homegrown combat aircraft, to 303 billion won ($271.
The Kill Chain defense is tailored to identify signs of approaching missile attacks and commence pre-emptive attacks while KAMD will seize North Korean missiles.
Furthermore, when South Korea tried to replace a forty-year-old Nike Hercules with new surface-to-air missiles under the KAMD project, it chose the Patriot over two other alternatives, including the Russian S-300 and the French Eurosam Land.
Critics claim that the procurement of weapons for the KAMD will eventually lead the ROK to tap into the US missile defense shield because the technologies of the two systems are interoperable.
Although South Korea has not yet announced that it would join the US regional BMD, South Korea's KAMD weapons can be interoperable with US missile defense programs.