KAMEGKankakee Area Metropolitan Enforcement Group (Bourbonnais, IL)
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Sources: Everly & Mitchell, 1999; Mitchell, Sakraida, & Kameg, 2003.
Szpak and Kameg (2011) reported that anxiety levels are lower when students participate in psychiatric simulation activities before communicating with psychiatric patients.
Kameg said she could not hear alarms sounding on the floors as they descended, although Tiger Group said alarms on all floors went off.
"We will work to get him back to Gainesville," Kameg said.
This phase puts closure on the discussions and allows the opportunity to end on a positive note (Mitchell, Sakraida, & Kameg, 2003).
Hospital consolidations, decreases in the number of nurses willing to serve as preceptors, and increased student-to-faculty ratios have profoundly restricted availability for student clinical rotations (Hauber, Cormier, & Whyte, 2010; Kameg, Clochesy, Mitchell, & Suresky, 2010; Partin, Payne, & Slemmons, 2011; Weaver, 2011), with critical care experiences the most limited of all clinical rotations (Beddingfield, Davis, Gilmore, & Jenkins, 2011).
Both quantitative and qualitative studies indicate that HFS skill and knowledge acquisition transfer to the clinical setting and enhance the safety of practice through improved conceptual understanding and critical thinking (Kameg et al, 2010; McCaughey & Traynor, 2010).
There continues to be controversy around the efficacy of CISD sessions for supporting health care professionals, and this process was specifically designed around crisis situations for emergency responders rather than responses to patients' deaths in the hospital setting (Everly & Boyle, 1999; Mitchell, Sakraida, & Kameg, 2003; Raphael & Wooding, 2004); however, the idea of developing a process of support for health care professionals is important.