KAMPIKabalikat ng Mamamayang Pilipino (Philippine political party)
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Lakas-CMD and Kampi merged in 2008, but the merger was short-lived after some members of Lakas and Kampi bolted out and established themselves as the NUP in the 15th Congress.
Cheptumo had earlier claimed Loruk and Kampi ya Samaki are in the centre of his constituency, citing the present landmark location of the national government and the subcounty administrators' offices.
Following Kampi's dissolution at the height of Arroyo's unpopularity, Puno re-organized the party, and re-named it NUP allegedly to dissociate its members from the former president and wriggle into the then Aquino administration-backed coalition in the Lower House.
At the Kampi ya Samaki dispensary, health workers told her that her bones had been weakened by drinking water with high fluoride content from Lake Baringo.
Kampi said that he later discovered that the provincial hall had endorsed the complaints and sent them to the district hall to deal with.
Gay Marie Jumuad, Vice Chairman of the Kapisanan ng mga Manlilikhang Pinoy (KAMPI) in Abu Dhabi, featured photographs she took of Ambassador and Madame Vingno with their son, Chase, as well as other mother-and-child photos.
For a rather more tranquil experience, another must-see is the sunset from Kampi at Porto Skiza.
Kratie Provincial Department of Tourism director, Run Pheara, said that before the tourist trail was inaugurated, tourist visits were restricted to those who visited the area to watch the rare Irrawaddy Dolphins in Kampi, about 16 km out of Kratie town.
That corporate complex rivals Telenor in Oslo (AR November 2003) in scale, humanity, and energy efficiency, and bodes well for the office component of the Kampi Centre development that Helin and others are building on the old central bus station site in the heart of Helsinki (AR January 2001).
Head for the pretty village of Kampi. Perched high on the cliff is a giant white cross beneath which is a remote taverna - the ultimate in intimate dining.
Fredenil Castro, current NUP president, has also confirmed hearing the information that Paolo has joined the party formed by a breakaway group from the Lakas Kampi CMD.
''Sino na ang aasahan na magtatanggol sa maliliit at mahihirap nating mga kababayan kung ang namumuno mismo ay kampi sa kabila?