KAMPPKids and Moms of Pikes Peak (Colorado Springs, CO)
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The owner of Kampp 161 is not yet known and no identifying signs were found inside.
In addition, numbers of Brunnich's guillemots breeding in West Greenland have declined (Kampp et al.
Do-All Outdoors also has published a 32-page hardcover Kampp Tales picture book by J.J.
The seven-metre deep cemetery include an entrance that leads to another Middle Kingdom tomb, Kampp 150.
Merkel, F., Labansen, A.L., Boertmann, D., Mosbech, A., Egevang, C., Falk, K., Linnebjerg, J.F., Frederiksen, M., and Kampp, K.
Kampp of the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark, supplied bands and timely peregrine encounter information.
''The Egyptian archaeological mission succeeded recently in discovering two highly important tombs in Draa Abul-Naga necropolis on Luxor's West Bank, namely Osrahat, which was discovered last April, and the cemetery of Amun-Re's goldsmith, Amenemhat (Kampp 390), dating back to the 18th dynasty, which was discovered two days ago,'' recounted Waziri.
Results from recoveries made elsewhere around the North Atlantic of Thick-billed Murres banded in Greenland (Kampp, 1988; Lyngs, 2003) and Svalbard (Bakken and Mehlum, 2005) have also been analyzed.
By: Anji Essam CAIRO- 9 September 2017: A cemetery of Amun-Re's goldsmith, Amenemhat (Kampp 390), dating back to the 18thdynasty, along with a Middle Kingdom burial shaft for a family, was discovered.
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