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KAMSAKorean-American Medical Student Association
KAMSAKansas Association of Middle School Administrators (Manhattan, KS)
KAMSAKorean-American Music Supporters' Association
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Kamsa floating on the surface; on the extreme right is Maya Devi
The HV commences its treatment of Krsna's adult life with the slaying of Kamsa (adhyaya 76), the subsequent war with Jarasamdha of Magadha, and the relocation of the Vrsnis from Mathura to Dvaraka (80-86).
(16.) According to Hindu mythology, Krishna was the eighth child of Devaki, sister of the cruel demon-king Kamsa. Narada, a sage, predicted that Kamsa would be killed by his nephew, so Kamsa killed his sister's first six children.
(16) Let us take, for example, the botanical genius of the Sibundoy Indians who speak Kamsa and live in the Sibundoy Valley, on the western spurs of the southern Andes in the Putumayo River's heights.
En las tierras altas -en el Putumayo- hay grandes poblaciones de indigenas kamsa, que pertenecen a un grupo linguistico distintivo que aun no ha sido definido.
Honshu: Aichi Prefecture, Mikawa, Kita-shitara-gun, Nagura-mura, Oo-nagura, along Kamsa R., R.
Fonologia del kamsa. Sistemas Fonologicos de Idiomas Colombianos Tomo I.
Peter was invited by the Kamsa people to talk about the trees of the Amazon, and how, without the rainforest stretching thousands of miles to the tropical Atlantic, Colombia would desiccate and die.