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KAOSKnowledge Acquisition in Automated Specification (requirement Engineering)
KAOSKill All On Sight (gaming clan)
KAOSKnowledgeable Agent-Oriented System
KAOSKilling As an Organized Sport (college campus game)
KAOSKelvin's Adaptive Optical Systems (University of Colorado)
KAOS[not an acronym] International Organization of Evil (Get Smart TV series)
KAOSKick Ass On Saturdays (University of Maryland Marching Band)
KAOSKill All Other Survivors
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To those unfamiliar with the sitcom, CONTROL was the name of main character's Maxwell Smart's spy organization and KAOS was the name of their nefarious rivals.
In the novel, we hear the story of Moll Flanders from the woman herself, but in this KAOS production, that convention will be broken and Moll's story will be told by a man.
What's needed is a wild card unknown to KAOS, and so Smart becomes Agent 86.
This is the company that gives you classic tales, often with a twist, and the KAOS version of Daniel Defoe's story of Moll Flanders, the story will be told from a male perspective and actor Ralf Higgins will play Moll.
He will be supported ably by PROTEUS, KIDD KAOS, PHIL YORKE and more.
KAOS Theatre tell a story about a TV news team which stumbles into a minefield during a Balkans conflict.