KAP8Keratin-Associated Protein 8
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Cashmere traits least square means for KAP8.1 T113G genotypes are same as in Table 3.
(1992) reported a CA repeat variation at the KAP8 locus in sheep.
In the current study, six genotypes and three alleles were identified by SSCP (Figure 1), sequencing showed that two mutations of the KAP8.1 gene, which supports previous research (Zhao et al., 2009).
The current results are the first to reveal that the polymorphisms of KAP8.1 are associated with cashmere weight, cashmere length and hair length (Table 3).
The SNPs in the KAP8.1 gene in this study were all synonymous mutations and are therefore traditionally viewed as being phenotypically silent since they do not alter the amino acid sequence of the subsequent protein.
In conclusion, three alleles and six genotypes of the KAP8.1 gene were identified in Inner Mongolia Cashmere goats.