KAPDKommunistische Arbeiter-Partei Deutschlands (German: Communist Workers Party of Germany)
KAPDKorean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (South Korea)
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(112.) AAU: Industrial Unionists, somewhat akin to the IWW and allied, in part, with the KAPD.
Now we say it is perhaps a question of years' (p.133), second, whether it was important for communist parties to become mass parties, or whether, as Jan Appel, one of the KAPD's delegates, said, 'such parties are good at demonstrating for Soviet Russia on Sundays and holidays, but they are completely useless for revolutionary struggle' (p.241).
First published in 1939 by her SPD and KAPD contemporary, Paul Frolich, this is a welcome republication of the original and most comprehensive study of one of the twentieth century's most resolute and convincing revolutionaries.