KAPEKrajowa Agencja Poszanowania Energii (Polish: Polish National Energy Conservation Agency)
KAPEKansas Association of Public Employees
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I was behaderin' round wid the gangs on the 'bankmint - I've taught the hoppers how to kape step an' stop screechin' - whin a head-gangman comes up to me, wid about two inches av shirt-tail hanging round his neck an' a disthressful light in his oi.
"'Are you that?' sez I; 'thin I'm O'Connell the Dictator, an' by this you will larn to kape a civil tongue in your rag-box.'
"'Tis right ye are, ma'am; 'tis by renting rooms we kape alive.
Jones down the night, without reckoning Benjamin Poomp, and the lawyers; so yell be fixing the room tidy; and put both flip irons in the coals; and tell Jude, the lazy black baste, that if she’s no be cleaning up the kitchen I’ll turn her out of the house, and she may live wid the jontlemen that kape the ‘Coffee house,’ good luck to ‘em.
In partnership with KAPE, TTS aims, amongst other initiatives, to promote the use of software and mobile apps for the purpose of enhancing the learning experience.
City Blends' 2019 Kapit Lang, Kape Lang Planner is a planner for individuals who know notthe proper way to tackle life's many challengeswith humor, of course.
The acquisition is highly complementary to CyberGhost, Kape's existing VPN solution, and will deepen the company's presence in Europe and Germany in particular.
The 100% share acquisition results in ZenMate joining a strong portfolio of internet security brands and businesses owned by Kape Technologies, including existing brands such as CyberGhost and Intego.
In conclusion, 1,103 Hanwoo tissue samples were collected from KAPE throughout Korea, to check genetic effects of the SNP (g.29172875A>G) located in the CALN gene on carcass traits.
In its own little way, Kape Umali is helping revive the coffee industry in the Philippines by enhancing awareness about coffee through the seminars it offers-from farming to roasting, and even barista training.
Rebecca has instilled many of her own outstanding qualities and values in her daughter, and you can see them in Samantha as she pursues her own life dreams," said Alan Kape, principal of the Kape Insurance Agency.
Jeremy Kape, director of property investment for Affinity Sutton, which has 209 properties in St Helens, says: "As one of the largest affordable housing providers in England we are committed to investing in our homes and last year we spent pounds 86m on day-to-day repairs and improving our properties.