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KARTSKerr Area Rural Transportation System (Henderson, NC)
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With Go Karts, GameAnax has once again struck the right chord with their players.
Saugus Speedway was drowned in the sound of gunning engines Saturday as the Los Angeles Kart Club racers descended on the track, focused on taking their carefully maintained speed machines to the limit.
Ace Karts, a leading Melbourne go karting centre, is using their industry-leading gold safety accreditation to open up the popular motorsport to children as young as 6 with confidence.
SAUGUS - The Los Angeles Kart Club opened its 2000 season Jan.
Manning's racing career has included some scary moments, such as the time he flipped his kart at Saugus Speedway two years ago, but he's never suffered a serious injury.
Long spent about a month of the summer with young American, Australian and Japanese roommates in Lanato, Italy, to visit the CRG factory, his kart chassis sponsor.