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KARTSKerr Area Rural Transportation System (Henderson, NC)
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The MotoTec Solar Electric Go Kart 24v comes in the color red and is perfect for children between ages 5 and 8.
v=mU7tXqYplA8&feature=kp) "Mario Kart 8" on the Wii U trailer (via YouTube/Nintendo)
TEESSIDE Autodrome will be the venue next month when a team of drivers attempt to break the Guinness world record for the greatest distance covered by a racing kart outdoors within 24 hours.
He also won the karting event held at Hooton Park in June this year and is leading the Cheshire Kart Club's championship in his class.
I realised there were a lot of old karts from the 60s and 70s rusting away in the back of people's garages, and I thought it was time somebody got them out and restored.
Mr Pitt said: "We got a phone call on Thursday, a message from the police saying that our garage had been broken into, so we came home and discovered that both of the karts had been taken.
Jay, aged 10, has been kart racing since the age of six and is currently among the leaders in the karting British Championships.
For the past four years, Rainey has driven a racing kart that is specially designed with hand controls to shift gears, brake and accelerate, similar to the controls on a motorcycle.
I began racing soon after leaving school and made a living from welding and repairing karts for many years.
The Fire Flower allows players to throw blazing balls of fire at other drivers, while the Super Leaf makes the Tanooki Tail appear on the back of karts to knock other drivers and items out of the way.
We are confident that Go Karts will achieve many successes in the near future.