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KASMKorean American Sharing Movement (social welfare assistance group; est. 1997; Annandale, VA)
KASMKiwis Against Seabed Mining (New Zealand)
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"We received a lot of calls in the last few hours to pressure the concert to stop," Kasm claimed, saying the "Maronite Patriarchate gave us an invitation to do what is necessary at this level in the face of the anger expressed by the Christian public opinion."
Hence, Daily News Egypt interviewed Al Kasm, to learn more about Carina bodywear, where the idea for it came from, the expected sales growth, the markets it export to, in addition to Carina's expansion plans in the next period.
This explains a preoccupation with state sovereignty (El Kasm 2012) and hegemony (de Vasconcelos 2012) as well as with formal political systems and structures (Al-Anani 2012; Valbjorn 2013).
BEIRUT: Lebanese lawyer Antonios Abou Kasm won two seats at the International Criminal Court Bar Association in The Hague, Netherlands, after an election this week.
At the outset of his trial, Amin announced that he did not recognize the tribunal's authority, and has not communicated with his court-appointed lawyer, Lebanese attorney Antonios Abou Kasm. He has written repeatedly that he views the tribunal as part of a Western conspiracy to discredit Hezbollah.
Abou Kasm was today sworn in before Ms Amelie Zinzius, Deputy Registrar of the Tribunal, and Judge Nicola Lettieri, Contempt Judge." Mr Abou Kasm was assigned as Lead Counsel by Mr FranA'ois Roux, Head of the Defence Office, acting on the instructions of Judge Lettieri, to represent Akhbar Beirut S.A.L.
To this point, Amin has been represented by a court-appointed Lebanese lawyer, Antonios Abou Kasm, and has had limited communication with the court since a brief pretrial appearance via video conference, in which he condemned the tribunal as a Western conspiracy to incriminate Hezbollah, announced his intention to remain silent, and declared that he did not recognize the court's authority.
Among the Patriarch's visitors for today, have been Brazil Maronite Archbishop Edgard Madi, former Finance Minister Jihad Azour, Monsignor Tony Gebran, attorney Joseph Abu Sharaf, attorney Antonios Abu Kasm, Merwan Salha and Elie Khalil.
Defense attorney Antonios Abou Kasm sought to cast doubt on this assertion by calling witnesses whose identities were divulged.
He did so over the repeated objections of Lebanese defense attorney Antonios Abou Kasm, appointed by the court to represent Amin.
Rahal was cross-examined by Abou Kasm, who pressed him on such details as where and when the documents were served, and if he was in uniform at the time.
He has since refused to appear, and the counsel appointed for him is Antonios Abou Kasm, a member of the Beirut Bar and a professor at the Lebanese University and the Universite St.