KASTAKorean Association of Science and Technology in Australia
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If we look closely at the role of adat (and social class and kasta) in traditional, pre-Islamic Indonesian aristocratic societies, we find the practice of polygamy among elites and heavy restrictions on women (Blackburn, 2004; Jennaway, 2000).
Also, certain groups of verbs in Icelandic or Norwegian feature indeed a stem vowel that is overtly distinguishable: note the front stem diphthong in the paradigm for the present and past tense of an Icelandic verb like beina 'to direct, aim' in (16b) below, as opposed to the back stem vowel of kasta 'to know' in (11b) above, repeated here as (16a).
The hardware included Nebo mobile radar system, Kasta surveillance system, Matla' al-Fajr radar system, S-200 missile system, Hog missile system, Shahab radar system and Skyguard defense system.
Senior guard Dalton Judd added 11 points, 4 assists and 3 steals, while junior forward Melvin Kasta added 10 points and eight rebounds.
Botulinum toksini enjekte edildigi kasta gecici bir zaafa yol acarak etki eder, dolayisiyla diger kaslar normal fonksiyonlarini surdurebilir.
Ten coaches and the engine of the Bhubaneswar- New Delhi Rajdhani Express jumped the tracks as a result of the impact of an explosion triggered by the Maoists between the Kasta and Paraiya stations near Gaya in Bihar late Monday night.
Gaya Superintendent of Police (SP) Sushil Khopde said, "The explosive planted in the tracks between Kasta and Paraiya stations went off shortly after the train left Gaya station," adding that there was no casualty or serious injury.
FORMER Podge and Rodge presenter Virginia Macaria, who presented a gong, was with her blond Norwegian hunk Kasta. She revealed: 'I'm having talks about a new TV show.
The defining attributes of workplace violence explicit in the literature relate to relationships, power and behaviours (Graydon, Kasta, & Khan, 1994; McKenna et al., 2003; O' Connell et al., 2000; Randle, 2003; Robertson, 2004; Workplaces Against Violence in Employment, 2005).
But a slip by the Derry keeper almost proved costly minutes later when he spilled Kasta Yanev's 30-yarder and substitute Dormushali Saidhodzha got to the loose ball to turn and shoot just over.