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KASWKnowledge Acquisition from the Social Web
KASWKorea Association of Social Workers (South Korea)
KASWKagoshima Association of Social Workers (Japan)
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KASW contained 100 mmol [1.sup.-1] KC1 and the reduced concentration of NaC1 to keep isoosmolality.
With the introduction of KASW, muscle contracted and [VO.sub.2] increased in all samples.
For chemical stimulation the samples were treated with KASW for 1 h before the second mass measurement.
KASW contained 100 mmol [1.sup.-1] KC1 and a reduced concentration of NaCl to keep isoosmolality.
As chemical stimulation, KASW was added to the trough to increase the [K.sup.+] concentration to 100 mmol [1.sup.-1] 1 h after the beginning of oscillation.
Tensile tests of LBWM were also carried out both in the relaxed state and in a contracted state induced by KASW. The muscle strip, whose original length was 10 mm, was stretched at the rate of 0.1 mm/s with a motor-driven manipulator (Surugaseiki, Japan).
Artificial seawater with its potassium concentration elevated to 100 mM (KASW) was prepared by reducing the sodium concentration so as to keep the osmotic concentration constant.
Artificial seawater with elevated potassium (KASW) increased the creep rate in all samples of the isolated CA (Fig.
The once-frozen, and thus no longer alive, samples did not respond to KASW. The stiffness and the position of the arm tip remained constant after repeated pushes (Fig.
Stimulation with KASW provoked two responses simultaneously.
In KASW, the concentration of potassium was raised to 100 mmol/l, and CaFASW contained 5 mmol/I EGTA (ethylene glycol bis([beta]-aminoethylether)-N, N, N,' N'-tetraacetic acid).
Treatment with artificial seawater containing 100 mM [K.sup.+] (KASW) also stiffened the ligament [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 5A OMITTED!.