KASYKorean American Students of Yale
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Kasy King noted the benefits of several classes of chemicals:
KASY is now an independent following last week's sale.
Kasy King recommended that if primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment systems are involved, transitions should be spread over the three treatment areas separately, instead of all at once.
article, proper storage, make-down, and feed procedures ensures the longest chemical life and efficiency, thus reducing the cost of chemicals," said Kasy King, Papermaking Process Consulting, LLC.
Kasy King is principal of Papermaking Process Consulting LLC, Appleton, Wisconsin, USA.
* "Synergistic effects from performance chemicals," Solutions!, by Kasy King, April 2004.
* Kasy King, consultant, Papermaking Process Consulting LLC, Appleton, Wisconsin, USA; and member of Solutions!
Kasy King, president, Papermaking Process Consulting, LLC, Appleton, Wisconsin.
* "A marriage for performance sake," by Kasy King Solutions!, April 2003.