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KATSKorean Agency for Technology and Standards
KATSK9 Activity Tracking System
KATSK-State Access Technology System
KATSKennet Amateur Theatrical Society (UK)
KATSKarachi Automated Trading System
KATSKingsport Area Transit System
KATSKuwait Automated Trading System
KATSKick Ass This Summer
KATSKits Assembly Tracking System
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Total quantity or scope: Delivery of a LE[micro]schgruppenfahrzeug LF KatS consisting of
just-food: Could you give a little background or history of the various Kit Kat flavours that have been produced in Japan?
Kit Kat has been manufactured in York for 75 years - it was originally called Chocolate Crisp - Each year, one billion Kit Kats are sold in the UK - Brits buy almost twice as many Kit Kats as in the second biggest market - Japan
The company have already widened the Kit Kat brand into different varieties, including a Chunky bar and ice cream.
Sperduto coached the Kats to the AFL championship game the past two seasons and has a 31-18 overall record in his three years as head coach, but his contract expired shortly after the end of the 2001 season.
The giant, single-finger Kit Kat is launched on April 6 and will become the first new, permanent format for the chocolate bar since the introduction of the two-fingered version in 1951.
Under the terms of the MOU, IEEE-SA and KATS will cooperate on standardization efforts such as joint training and education programs, research projects, and information sharing.
Total quantity or scope: The tender includes a LE[micro]schgruppenfahrzeug 20 KatS (LF 20 KatS) consists of 3 lots chassis, Structure and Firefighting equipment.
The Kats (4-2) scored twice in the final two minutes of the first half to take a 44-20 halftime lead.
KATS philosophy states, "You can grow just as fast, climb just as high and be immeasurably more happy with moral and ethical procedure, and your growth is real -- not out of exchange with society.
Now Kit Kat is set to please chocolate lovers by coming into the shops as a five-fingered treat.