KAUSTKing Abdullah University of Science & Technology
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The program brings leading companies to the University and introduces students to potential future employers by offering them a comprehensive look at a company s operations, needs and opportunities for careers aligned to their KAUST field of study.
I look forward to building upon the momentum created at KAUST and contributing to the university's vision to be a catalyst for innovation and economic development in Saudi Arabia and the world," Crowell said.
His presence on campus, around the Kingdom, and among global audiences, is already bolstering our long-term vision for KAUST.
Graduating our first PhDs is a significant milestone in our university's journey of global excellence to bring knowledge in service of society," said KAUST president Choon Fong Shih.
He said that BP is honored to be associated with the prestigious KAUST.
The university delegation, headed by Dr Abdullah L Almojel, vice president for university relations, included members of the following faculties: Chemical and Life Sciences and Engineering; Red Sea Science & Engineering; Computational Biosciences; Water Desalination and Reuse Centre besides acting KAUST provost, Dr Brian Moran.
Whilst the KAUST will provide long-term prospects and greater incentives .
Construction of the 13,500 sqm R&D facility, designed to meet LEED silver certification requirements, will be led by KAUST and begin by the end of 2015.
All this is some way off, however, as Thupran's plans are at an early stage - which makes him an ideal choice to receive funding from the KAUST Seed Fund Program.
He added that the company's quest for excellence in catalysis will be further supported through SABIC's grants for post-doctoral fellowships and sponsorship of further research at KAUST.
KAUST needed a material that could support the day-to-day needs of educators, students and faculty without compromising the institution's environmental platform.
Dow Chemical of the US, considering with the state-owned Saudi Aramco the biggest refining/petrochemical JV in the world to be built in Ras Tanura (see down14SaudiRefOct5-09) has said it hopes to establish at KAUST a "multi-year, multi-million-dollar joint research framework".