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KAWKawasaki (motorcycle)
KAWKnowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-Based Systems Workshop
KAWKirby's Adventure Wii (game)
KAWKnut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (scientific grants; Sweden)
KAWKrajowa Agencja Wydawnicza (Polish: National Publishing Agency; Bialystok, Poland)
KAWKids Are Waiting (Pew Charitable Trusts)
KAWKids At Work
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Of particular interest, Kaw Tha Blay's program includes an agriculture component.
Complicating matters was the fact that the insurer had incorporated under Kaw tribal law in 1993.
DESPAIR: Homeless children look on while taking shelter in a monastery in Kaw Hmu village, about 60 miles south-west of Yangon, Burma, Thursday
young monks work to rebuild a temple damaged by the cyclone in Kaw Hmu village.
Following months of design changes reviews, the ITER Science and Technology Advisory Committee (STAC), chaired by India's Predhiman Kaw, endorsed the changes proposed by the ITER Organization.
JANUARY 23--FIRST NATIVE AMERICAN SENATOR On this day in 1907, Charles Curtis, of Kaw, Osage, and Pottawatomie ancestry on his mother's side, was sworn in as the U.
According to family lore, on his 1928 trip to Burma, Kingdon-Ward cut a rope securing a bridge in the hope of teaching his porters a lesson during a dispute, The porters responded by slashing tents and ransacking the camp until he agreed to pay for a new bridge; Kaw girls going to market, Lao People's Democratic Republic, 1930-39.
Pawnee and Kaw are cultivars of big bluestem that are widely grown for forage in the central Great Plains.
The beef gains come from grazing trials in eastern Nebraska that compared the new releases--Bonanza and Goldmine--to existing cultivars Pawnee and Kaw, which have been the leading big bluestems in the region for more than 40 years.
One Oklahoma tribe, the Kaw, was effectively wiped out when all "pureblooded" women of the tribe were sterilized.
KAW has focused its efforts not just on enacting federal legislation, but also on demanding restaurants and food service providers agree to stop using or selling meat, poultry or fish from animals produced with antibiotics for non-therapeutic purposes.