KBDKashin-Beck Disease (bone disease)
KBDKilled By Death (punk music slang)
KBDKilo Baud
KBDKeyboard Driver
KBDKajima Building & Design (various locations)
KBDKappa Beta Delta (business honor society)
KBDKarelian Bear Dog (breed)
KBDKitchen & Bath Design
KBDKing Black Dragon (gaming, Runescape)
KBDKnowledge Base Development (US DoD)
KBDKew Bibliographic Databases (botanical research website)
KBDKBC Bank Deutschland (German bank)
KBDKings Bench Division
KBDKampfmittel Beseitigungs Dienst (German organization for defusing old military bombs and weapons)
KBDKosovo Business Directory
KBDThousand of Barrels Per Day
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It sealed the lips of the proponents of KBD, providing a credible analysis of the availability of water and its distribution mechanism.
Shahid Rasheed Butt said that delay in construction of KBD is threatening the whole population and economy of the country.
The Minister deplored that following the IWT, India had managed to build about 4000 dams and reservoirs on the eastern rivers-Sutlej, Bias and Ravi-while Pakistan had not even managed to build KBD. Even the 15.1 million acre feet (MAF) storage from Tarbella and Mangla has declined to 13 MAF.
Speaking at a news conference, the minister said India was watching Pakistan's inaction over the construction of the KBD as well as other dams and was violating river rights.
The cost of not building KBD and not settling issues between provinces is very high as economy and masses will continue to suffer and natural disasters coupled with power shortages will continue to damage the country.
Three provincial assemblies have been opposing construction of the KBD. Ignoring the Water Apportionment Accord, a politician claimed that the dam would convert Sindh into a desert.
President of LCCI Standing Committee on KBD Abdul Basit said that flood damages were usually result of non-availability of dams as the Kalabagh Dam had a storage capacity of 200,000 cusec of water which could save the country from floods.
On the government's part, the lack of willingness to make KBD should be termed a sheer crime against the nation, while those political parties and so-called opinion leaders that openly oppose Kalabagh because of its location must come forward with other alternatives.
In the summer of 2013, demand increased by approximately 450 kbd between January and June.
He suggested the governments not to take any pressure on new dams including the KBD, asserting that being an agrarian economy, Pakistan cannot afford to waste huge amount of water resources which are
Kashin-Beck disease (KBD) was first reported as an endemic degenerative osteoarthritis in 1919 [1], and this condition affects more than one million individuals [2] in a limited endemic area in China, Central China, from Southeastern Siberia to North China, and North Korea [3].