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KBEMKinetic Biological Effects Modeling (software)
KBEMKaseini-Broth Enrichment Medium
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A better way to evaluate the KBEM is to compare its optimization results with those obtained by the state-of-the-art method.
Case Studies that Compare the KBEM with the Existing Method
In order to compare the KBEM with the state-of-the-art method, we use the KBEM to optimize the two cases that are studied by the existing method (Domanski et al.
Figures 5a and 5b show the optimal RC provided by the KBEM and the existing method (Domanski et al.
Figures 6a and 6b show the optimal RC provided by the KBEM and the existing method (Domanski et al.
In order to evaluate the adaptability of the KBEM for different heat exchangers, two other different heat exchangers, including evaporator and condenser, are selected as test cases.
As the KBEM is developed by adding the KOM to the IGA, the difference between the KBEM and the IGA mainly depends on the effect of the KOM.
Whereas the modified Value Chain Model is focused on the enterprise knowledge management activities and components, it is named Knowledge-based Enterprise Model (KBEM).
The formal description of the Knowledge-based Enterprise Model (KBEM) as a model M featuring the knowledge management function G can be expressed as the Cartesian product as follows:
This hierarchy of knowledge layers of the KBEM correlates with the knowledge hierarchy of T.
In the KBEM, a kind of the technical knowledge is located on Level 6, Manufacturing Process Management, Level 5, Business Process Management and Level 4, Enterprise Management.
The process-oriented Knowledge-based Enterprise Model (KBEM) is presented by modifying Porter's Value Chain Model (VCM).