KBHCKristin Brooks Hope Center (suicide prevention; Washington, DC)
KBHCKentucky Baptist Homes for Children
KBHCKorea Bell Helicopter Co. (est. 1986; South Korea)
KBHCKowloon Bay Health Centre (Hong Kong)
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Bernhard brings great enthusiasm and exciting ideas to his role, and it was enjoyable to discuss with him how KBHC shaped his career, his vision for the future of the camp, and his innovative ideas that will be implemented this June at KBHC 2017.
Peggy Moran (PM): Bernhard, you and I have known each other since KBHC 96, and I know you were there the year before for the camp's beginning.
I attended the KBHC from 1998 through 2004--seven wonderful summers.
Teaching and performing at the KBHC since 2003 has been a fun diversion from my university position for a number of reasons.
KBHC's president once asserted in a press release, "I want this mission to permeate our agency like the very blood throughout our bodies.
In light of this clear sectarian slant, KBHC would seem to be a poor candidate for governmental support.
Being a lesbian and aware of KBHC's religious nature, she doubted they would like her, and she guessed she might not get along with them, either.
The plaintiffs, represented by Americans United and the Kentucky ACLU, brought the legal challenge in I998 when officials at the KBHC fired
The KBHC, meanwhile, is looking for private contributions to lessen the facility's dependence on state funding.
He ruled that Americans United and the ACLU could proceed with their claim that government funding of KBHC violates the separation of church and state, as the facility may be found to be "pervasively sectarian."
In a February 1998 press release, KBHC President William Smithwick said, "Our mission is to provide care and hope for hurting families through Christ-centered ministries.
The dispute over state funding of the Baptist agency arose in October 1998, when the KBHC fired family specialist Alicia Pedreira because she is a lesbian.