KBICKeweenaw Bay Indian Community
KBICKordin Business Incubation Centre (Paola, Malta)
KBICKaye/Bassman International Corporation (Dallas, TX)
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A lifelong fisherman and chairman of the KBIC, William Jondreau well understood the far-reaching implications of his defiance of state law.
The KBIC Constitution of 1836 initially defined tribal authority, but the community has added powers well beyond the original ones.
KBIC has a talented management team with its own resources, access to its parent's capital and a strong business profile as well as the ability to write multiple lines of business in various geographies in the United States.
This business is expected to complement the existing book of commercial automobile business written by KBIC, along the Eastern Seaboard.
GRC is a wholly owned subsidiary of KBIC (formerly Excess Reinsurance Company), which is a wholly owned subsidiary of KnightBrook LLC.