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KBPIKyger Bakery Products, Inc. (Harlan Bakeries, Inc.; Indiana)
KBPIKey Business Performance Indicators
KBPIKingdom Builders' Prayer Institute (est. 1995)
KBPIKeppel Bank Philippines, Inc. (Philippines)
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DAT 72's 80% capacity boost over DDS-4 is the result of technology enhancements in four key areas: increasing tape length to 170 meters, transitioning to a higher output MP formulation, a substantial boost in recording density from 122 to 162 kbpi, and increased track density.
iHeart Rock KBPI with iconic '70s calls drops -- 0.5; 3.1-2.7-2.6.
iHeart: AA KBCO 5.2-5.9-5.1, ModRock WTCL 4.7, ClassicRock KRFX holding 4.2, Rock KBPI 3.8, RymCHR KPTT sticks 3.6 with #1 cume 481k on #15 share.