KBRIKedutaan Besar Republik Indonesia
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According to Kbri, voters in the UAE can cast their ballots in one of three ways.
An investigation by Migrant Care in August 2011 revealed that the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in Saudi Arabia never provided legal assistance to Ruyati, only Arabic translators.
Utilizing the popularity of these TV shows, the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo held fast-breaking activities with Travel Agents / Tour Operators (TA / TO) Egypt on May 21, 2019 at Wisma Duta, KBRI Cairo.
The women are from various Indonesian Association in Qatar including Dharma Wanita Persatuan of Indonesian Embassy (DWP KBRI Doha) led by its chairwomen, Andi Una Sidehabi as the host of event.
As a career diplomat, Ambassador Mahendra once served at the Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in London, England (1992-1995) and the Indonesian Embassy in Washington, DC, United States (1998-2001).
The prequalified proponents are PCL Industries Management Inc./Black & Veatech/Samsung Heavy Industries; CB&I/Offshore Oil Engineering Company Ltd.; KBRI; and TechnipFMC.