KBSSKaspersky Business Space Security
KBSSKnowledge-Based Sports System
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Due to the lack of clear methods, the transition of KBSs from research to commercial products was a failure in most cases.
This two-part article integrates and builds on previously reported studies in order to examine critically the current and potential use of KBSs in HRM, and facilitate the effective assimilation of KBS technology.
As our abilities to interpret and understand information lag behind the capabilities to collect, store and present data, KBSs have proven to be effective in alleviating this information input overload (Greyer, 1993).
Conversely, with a KBSs, it is largely the machine, or more accurately the application, which largely queries the user about the specific circumstances of the problem situation (Turban, 1990, p.
Once modeled, Protege created a knowledge editor domain which experts could interact with to build KBSs that solved problems in the planning class.
There is still a problem with mapping between terms at the same level; however, Clancey's system model-construction perspective (i.e., the view that what KBSs really do is construct models of systems they are reasoning about) provides a scheme to compare these terms by representing each term in a uniform set/ graph/operator language (12).
The KBSs communicate with the DKBMS via a standard message protocol, and each KBS uses the DKBMS as a liaison to either instruct or query other KBSs.
Second, we need to elicit the meta-level knowledge which will allow the DKBMS to support communication and consensus among the individual mental models (KBSs).
Therefore, this article describes a methodology that addresses the specific challenges of building KBSs.
The Knowledge-Based-System Development Life Cycle (KBSDLC) is a prototyping methodology for KBSs that uses expert system shells and programming environments.