KBUKasem Bundit University (Bangkok, Thailand)
KBUKolej Bandar Utama (Malaysian university)
KBUKeyboard Unit
KBUKagou Blog Ubuntu (French blog)
KBUKøbenhavns Bowling Union (Denmark)
KBUKurdistan Bloggers Union
KBUKey Business User
KBUKarta Bezpecnostnych Udajov (Slovak: Material Safety Data Sheet; chemicals)
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To determine the visually impaired and sighted categories, in the first phase of recruitment each participant was asked if they had a "disabled person identification card" for their visual impairment, and only members of KBU were included for visually impaired recruitment.
Data was collected in collaboration with community centers and KBU staff members.
Although the authors believed that representativeness of the visually impaired population could be achieved by the recruitment through KBU, the most representative organization for blind people in Korea, and they also expected that the recruited sighted participants could be matched to the demographic characteristics of the visually impaired group in terms of interests, lifestyles, ages, and geographic locations (Wolffe & Sacks, 1997), the fact that the authors focused on the equitability of the two groups, rather than the representativeness of the sighted population, might be considered a limitation.
The KBU project was headed by Ray, who came to K&B a year ago from PepsiCo, where he set up a similar system.
KBU allows our people to stay fresh and current," he says.