KBVKassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung (Cologne, Germany)
KBVKurs Buchwert Verhältnis (German: relation between quotation and balance value)
KBVKashmir Bee Virus
KBVKnowledge-Based View (human resources)
KBVKarlsruher Beamten Versicherung (German: Karlsruher Officers' Insurance)
KBVKite Boarding Victoria (est. 2004; Victoria, Australia)
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Further, based on theoretical lenses of RBV and KBV, this finds that explicit knowledge sharing not only directly influence the banks performance but also indirectly influence the banks performance through strengthening the knowledge management strategies.
In this study, we used the KBV to identify and examine several distinct categories of peer advice and support relevant to one entrepreneurial context.
Both RV and KBV build upon the resource-based view (RBV) of the firm and form the foundation for theoretical model of interorganizational learning presented in this article.
Consecuentemente la adopcion de un enfoque mas dinamico, donde los procesos y la capacidad de aprendizaje, la incertidumbre y el impacto de los cambios externos se tienen en cuenta, conduciria a un analisis mas realista y a una mayor capacidad explicativa del KBV.
Not withstanding the RBV and KBV dichotomies, it remains that knowledge, whether in a position of primacy or subservient in the corporate structure, is dependent upon the creation and subsequent retention of knowledge.
The authors explain that because knowledge-based resources are usually difficult to imitate and socially complex, KBV posits that these knowledge assets may produce long-term, sustainable, competitive advantage.
m] is a market index for the KBV index of the banking system and [beta] is defined on the basis of the relationship between each stock and the index selected on a one-year time horizon.
More and more authors are combining the KBV, CRBV and dynamic network theories in order to explain the virtue of collaboration among the firms and one of this forms is outsourcing.
While the KBV implies that intrafirm knowledge sharing and knowledge application can help a firm shape heterogeneous knowledge and then develop competitive advantage through introducing innovative products or services, entrepreneurship researchers insist that identifying and exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities is also critical for innovation.
In general, we found that the KBV was quite robust in helping to frame and explain the creation of economic value for initial public offerings in new computer-related firms in the mid-1990s.
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