KC3Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed
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The KC1, KC2, and KC3 projects comprise a mission control system and were developed and implemented by different personnel with no overlapping software components.
A rule-based noise filter was applied to the CM1, MW1, PC1, KC1, KC2, and KC3 datasets to identify and remove noisy instances [18].
4 KC1 KC2 KC3 Instance (i/c) (i/c) (i/c) Total P 325/271 106/82 43/38 1099/738 N 1782/1093 414/333 415/264 6864/5118 P + N 2107/1364 520/415 458/302 7963/5856 %P 15.
We are delighted to be the first school system in Missouri to pilot the KC3 Positive Label Program," says Kendra Johnson, Associate Superintendent North Kansas City Schools.
Patrick continues, "The KC3 program brings positive continuity between bus and classroom, helping us move forward with a common goal.
Company: KC3 Stand: 230 Public Relations Contact: Claire Wozencroft Investor Relations Contacts: Claire Wozencroft or Nick Harris Phone: 01544 231768 E-mail: claire@kc3.