KC3Kentucky Coalition to Carry Concealed
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The KC1, KC2, and KC3 projects comprise a mission control system and were developed and implemented by different personnel with no overlapping software components.
A rule-based noise filter was applied to the CM1, MW1, PC1, KC1, KC2, and KC3 datasets to identify and remove noisy instances [18].
Two West Midlands companies - Portech Systems and KC3.net - are among the first in the country to be certified to Accredit UK's software design, development and testing standard.
At a work station in the home cage, the chimpanzee had access to a Kraft KC3 joystick mounted in a port attached to the cage.
To run the reader and to analyze serial measurements taken every minute for 4 h, we applied KC3 software (Bio-Tek Instruments).
Debra Baldwin tries the fudge with Gail Calthorp (right) from The Country Fudge Company.; Nick Harris from KC3 talking to Jamie Jones.
59 Qe6+ Kc5 60 B:d5 Q:d5 61 Q:d5+ K:d5 62 Kd3 a4 63 Kc3 Kc5 64 f5 Black resigns.
12 Nxb4 Black is better after 12 Nf6+ Ke7 13 a3 Kxf6 14 axb4 d5 but 12 Nxc7+ Kd8 13 Nxa8 Qe3+ 14 Kc3 Qc5+ 15 Kd2 Qe8+ is a draw by perpetual check.