KCAIKansas City Art Institute
KCAIKennel Club Accredited Instructor (UK)
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Here, their contribution to dog training will be recognised and the winner of the KCAI Trainer of the Year award will be announced.
Professor and Chair of the Ceramics Department at KCAI, Cary Esser, remarks on Lugo's infectious positive energy, "Sometimes you get situations in a department where there is a phenomenal amount of talent and the students feed off this energy and challenge each other and grow as young artists.
Evelyn is currently serving on the Boards of both the Kansas City Ballet and KCAI.
My first visit in 2008 was a month-long study abroad program available at KCAI.
Since 1996 she has served as professor and chair of the Ceramics Department at KCAI.
She returned to Kansas City, the city in which she had earned her BFA under Esser's tutelage at KCAI.