KCBOTKansas City Board of Trade
KCBOTKern County Board of Trade (est. 1888; California)
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The CFE offers mini-contracts on the Russell 1000 and 2000 indexes, the NYFE offers mini-contracts on the NYSE Composite Index and the Russell 1000 Index, and the KCBOT offers a mini-contract on the Value Line Index.
The KCBOT contract failed after other exchanges introduced newer futures contracts based on the arithmetic mean of the components (such as the Standard & Poor's contracts).
Content available on Agrivox will initially include delayed data covering agricultural industry news, market data from all the major exchanges including CBOT, LIFFE, MATIF, BIFFEX, KCBOT, the Winnipeg Commodities Exchanges and FOREX plus weather and crop impact information and supply and demand analysis.