KCCOKeep Calm and Carry On
KCCOKeep Calm and Chive On
KCCOKansas City Commodity Office (USDA)
KCCOKansas City Chamber Orchestra (Kansas City, MO)
KCCOKilimanjaro Center for Community Ophthalmology (Moshi, Tanzania)
KCCOKiwanis Chico Community Observatory (Chico, CA)
KCCOKing County Clerk's Office (New York)
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This may be because most of the projects started out by embracing a specific civic stereotype: they reached out to citizens as deliberators (KC Forums and "By the People"), as socializers (Kansas City Harmony's Dialogue Dinners), as policy advisors (the CDCs for neighborhood-level decisions, and FOCUS Kansas City on citywide and regional decisions), or as members of the disempowered and dispossessed (KCCO).
FOCUS involved citizens in implementing the vision, the CDCs began enlisting citizens in crime prevention efforts, KCCO worked more collaboratively with public officials, and the Kansas City Forums began creating task forces.
Vendors enter sealed bids by a specific deadline, and KCCO selects the lowest bid, subject to certain qualifications.
(3.) In practice, few bids exceed reservation prices (called constructed prices by KCCO).