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KCDAKing County Directors' Association (Washington schools purchasing cooperative)
KCDAKings County District Attorney (Brooklyn, NY)
KCDAKansas Choral Directors Association
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It's also modular, which allows KCDA to add new functions such as e-procurement.
The eCatalog System software processes all requests flawlessly, allowing KCDA to deliver products quickly and accurately, as well as bill on a timely basis.
KCDA began alpha testing the eCatalog System in October 2001, entering members into a test database and dealing with some of the minor problems that occur when any new system is installed.
The KCDA co-op allows members to buy without having to bid, so they can take advantage of the e-catalog procurement program.
Because site-based management makes purchases at different levels, they're discovering KCDA makes the purchasing cycle easier, faster and more efficient.
In the past, purchasing agents created a paper order that was mailed or faxed to KCDA staff, who manually keyed data into the system.
The Commission has thus held the pharmaceutical company, Lupin, to be in contravention of the provisions of Section 3(1) of the Act for its anti-competitive arrangement/understanding with KCDA, which led to a refusal to supply of drugs to M/s Maruti & Co.
Jeevan, responsible under Section 48 of the Act, for their active involvement in the anti-competitive practice of KCDA and also on account of the positions of responsibility held by them in KCDA during the period of contravention.
In addition, monetary penalties were imposed on the office bearers of KCDA and officials of Lupin at the rate of 10% and 1% of their incomes, respectively.
KCDA assumes no responsibility for delays caused by the U.