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The Chairman SECP directed to interact and coordinate with Director officials to point out the sectors in which SECP can take benefit from the services of KCDR.
Moin Fudda, member Board of Governor KCDR and Director KCDR, Dr.
Muhammad Ali, Chairman SECP, was briefed about the role of KCDR and the Director of KCDR highlighted the role of mediation in corporate good governance and presented the statistics of the number of cases referred to and resolved by KCDR since its establishment.
Zafar Ahmed Khan Sherwani apprised the Chairman SECP that the Karachi Stock Exchange and other Exchanges can take benefit of mediation services of KCDR under Regulation 26 of the Karachi Stock Exchange regulation "Dispute to be referred to Arbitration" for amicable settlement of dispute before going to arbitration.
Mediation at KCDR also serves as a safe environment for women clients.
The state bank of Pakistan also issued a circular dated September 27, 2010, instructing banks and DFIs to approach KCDR for settlement of disputes through mediation.
KCDR can help reduce the effort needed to resolve contract violations, banking settlements, tenancy and property matter as well as other commercial disputes.
KCDR is a not for profit registered society and is led by Justice Saiduzzaman Siddiqui, former Chief Justice of Pakistan.