KCHDKnox County Health Department
KCHDKitsap County Health District (Bremerton, WA)
KCHDKansas City Health Department
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As each conventional or electronic report was received, KCHD documented whether each required data element was provided and documented the date on which conventional reports were received.
Reports received only through electronic means were evaluated to confirm that they satisfied KCHD reporting criteria.
Geographic information system maps, showing the residential zip code of patients with reportable isolates, were delivered to KCHD by using ArcIMS (ESRI, Redlands, CA).
In 2002, conventional reports to KCHD originated from laboratories (52%), infection control practitioners (34%), blood centers (6%), private physicians (4%), and other sources (4%).
Through electronic reporting, data were reported from patients residing in Kansas whose laboratory work was performed in Kansas City to both the Department of Health and Environment (with jurisdiction based on the state of residence of the patient) and KCHD (with jurisdiction over the performing laboratory).
Local governments agreed to link all information and queries to KCHD website as well.
All vaccine administration information was reported into the state immunization registry by KCHD staff.
While SLV clinics were being conducted, KCHD continued to support its scheduled clinics at the main office for remainder of the population targeted at the time.
KCHD initiated its SLV clinics on October 27, 2009 to target children in accordance with CDC's guidelines.