KCIAKorean Central Intelligence Agency
KCIAKing County International Airport (aka Boeing Field; Washington)
KCIAKuwait City International Airport
KCIAKansas Crop Improvement Association
KCIAKnight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics (John S. and James L. Knight Foundation)
KCIAKorean Cosmetic Industry Association (South Korea)
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A report produced by the KCIA in 1966 entitled, "An Analysis on Chosun Daily's Primary Tone from 1965.
The KCIA agents abducted Kim and nearly dumped him from a boat at sea, but abandoned their assassination plans when a U.
Military operations at KCIA for 12 years prior to this deployment further enhanced security and the ability to conduct significant logistical improvements.
The nine bases (or nodes) included in the STARS throughout February 2004 were Baghdad, Mosul, Tallil, Kirkuk, Balad, AAS, KCIA, Al Udeid, and Bahrain.
There's head KCIA agent Ju (local star Hart Seok-gyu), a grinning, gum-chewing bully shown terrifying a hooker and her mother; chronically weary KCIA chief Kim (Back Yun-shik), whose doctor tells him his liver is almost kaput; the prez's oily chief secretary, Yang (Gweon Byeong-gil); and fat, pompous chief bodyguard, Cha (Jeong Weon-jung).
Following Park's assassination by his own KCIA chief in 1979, the government granted Kim amnesty and briefly restored his civil rights.
Policy disputes and fears of dismissal led the KCIA chief, Kim Jae-kyu, to shoot his old friend, ending 16 years of harsh but productive rule that ensured Park's place in Korean history.
In their letter, the council cited records they had received from the Seattle-King County Department of Public Health in Washington state regarding the health of the people living "downwind" from KCIA.
Sus servicios de inteligencia, la KCIA (la CIA coreana, de hecho bajo control de la norteamericana), fueron quienes apoyaron directamente a Moon.
This organisation, the KCIA, infiltrated factories with hundreds of agents, using intimidation and force to get their candidates elected in union ballots and when necessary also resorted to mass imprisonment, torture and assassination.
Kim Jong Pil, the father of the dreaded KCIA, and Kim Dae Jung, kidnapped and nearly murdered by the KCIA in the 1970s, are the strangest of bedfellows in 1995 as they collaborate to further weaken Kim Young Sam and the remnants of the DLP.