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KCMSKalamazoo Center for Medical Studies (Michigan State University)
KCMSKodak Color Management System
KCMSKonami Casino Management System (Konami Gaming, Inc.)
KCMSKnudsen Cell Mass Spectrometry
KCMSKern County Mineral Society (est. 1935; Bakersfield, CA)
KCMSKnowledge Content Management System
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Soukup added, "SYNKROS represents the very best that KCMS had to offer - real-time data at the game, patron, and denom level via a TCP/IP based network floor, lifetime data availability, multi-channel streaming video, and the strength of an Oracle database, which result in the industry's only fully-integrated system.
The evolution of KCMS is best known for its advanced capabilities, such as its real-time TCP/IP-based technology, multi-channel in-machine streaming video, powerful rules-based Bonusing engine, true multi-game, multi-denomination analytics at both the device and patron level, and documented high reliability.
20 was developed within the past year and will be provided to the approximately 70 KCMS customers for free under Konami's maintenance agreement.
According to Soukup, "As with previous upgrades, the KCMS v3.
Cleary, GameLogic is an innovator in the gaming industry, and we are very pleased to partner with them on the integration of their product suite to the KCMS platform.
Konami's KCMS platform is an integrated, easy to use, feature rich casino management system that provides accurate, real-time, game-level accounting and player tracking information to casino operators, as well as enhances the casino player's experience through True-Time[TM] Entertainment.
9 and Share #5 is Crista Media ContempChristian KCMS 4.