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KCNPotassium Cyanide
KCNKelly Career Network
KCNKentucky Child Now! (est. 1998)
KCNKingdom Community Network
KCNKey Communicators Network (various locations)
KCNKey Conversion Notice (telecommunications/encryption)
KCNKit Configuration Notice
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herreni, and the reduction was similar to that by KCN, which served as a positive control for toxicity.
Based on statistical analysis, there was significant difference in the seedling dry weight between concentrations of KCN at 15 [degrees]C (table2).
Louis, MO, USA) KCN, EDTA, (Reagen, Sao Paulo, Brazil) acetic acid (Cinetica Quimica, Sao Paulo, Brazil), HCl, [H.
in closer relationship with the Barish and KCN languages, and .
It joins the Key Filters line of products, including the KCN non-actuated, continu-ous-belt melt filter and the KC line of hydraulic continuous-belt melt filters.
When producing a-Si/muc-Si and CIS/CIGS cells VITRUM features glass washing as well as TCO etching, KCN etching or NH3 treatment respectively.
5 mL/min by a salt gradient obtained by mixing buffers A (20 mmol/L bis-Tris, 2 mmol/L KCN, pH 5.
For comparison, MetHb concentrations were also measured with the Corning 270 CO-oximeter, an overdetermined system that uses seven wavelengths, and the Evelyn-Malloy KCN addition manual method (6) on a Shimadzu UV-1201 spectrophotometer (Shimadzu Scientific Instruments).
Separation of Hbs was accomplished by a salt gradient obtained by mixing buffers A (Bis-Tris 20 mmol/L, KCN 2 mmol/L, pH 5.
1c] were stored stabilized by KCN in an EDTA/2-(N-morpholino)propanesulfonic acid buffer system.
5 mL of hemolyzing solution (acid potassium phthalate 25 mmol/L; KCN 8 mmol/L; Triton X-100 10 mL/L, pH 5.