KCNQPotassium Channel, Voltage-Gated, KQT-like subfamily
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Specific drugs that block or open KCNQ channels will be used to test whether these channels control the excitability of identified nociceptors, and whether activation of these channels might be an effective therapeutic strategy for reducing SCI-induced chronic pain.
ICA- 105665 is a novel, orally available opener of subtypes of KCNQ channels, which have been validated by both genetic and physiologic evidence as playing an important role in certain conditions characterized by abnormal neuroexcitability, such as seizures, and potentially also chronic pain disorders.
has reported that the FDA has lifted the partial clinical hold related to the development of ICA-105665, the company's novel orally available small molecule KCNQ potassium channel agonist, for the treatment of epilepsy.