KCPAKrannert Center for the Performing Arts (University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana)
KCPAKansas Consumer Protection Act (Kansas)
KCPAKirtland Center for the Performing Arts (Roscommon, Michigan)
KCPAKent County Photographic Association (UK)
KCPAKansas City Paralegal Association (Kansas City, MO)
KCPAKentucky Concrete Pavement Association (Frankfort, KY)
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The Williamson court was nevertheless aware that unmitigated application of the KCPA to the issue at bar could have an adverse impact on professionalism, or at least on the statutory scheme Kansas has constructed to deal with professionals.
Some of the discomfort we feel when professionals are forced into the mold of commercial service providers by statutes such as the KCPA is alleviated when we move to common law perspectives on professionalism.
Amrani, 152 P.3d at 71 ("[T]he KCPA is inapplicable to arrangements that fall within the provisions of the KRLTA.").
Nothing in the KCPA explicitly excludes physicians or other professionals from the scope of its coverage," the court wrote.
The court refuted Amrani's argument that the legislature intended to exclude medical cases because of its various laws addressing medical malpractice, saying the patchwork of statutes didn't preclude coverage under the KCPA. The court said that because the act does specifically exclude certain professions and transactions, the legislature would have excluded doctors if it had intended to.
These KCPA studies provide the data on pinnateness gradients on individual shoots (Section 2) and within adjacent mixed leaves (Section 3).
Shoot counts in the KCPA 1981 to 1985 samples, and their 5-yr totals, are given (Table 1) for four sequence patterns of 1p, Mp and 2p leaves.
In a special KCPA collection in 1982 of data on leaflet sequences on 116 Mp leaves, the gamma coefficients calculated in the manner of Table 2 were negative for the sequences on 85 Mp leaves, and positive on the remaining 31.
The five annual KCPA shoot samples provided a total of 1944 shoots on which all leaves were tallied.
Data from the five annual KCPA samples were separated into N-end S-exposed and S-end N-exposed samples (Section 1).