KCPDKansas City Police Department
KCPDKansas City Missouri Police Department
KCPDKnox County Police Department
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KCPD has encouraged other law enforcement and criminal justice agencies to implement similar programs, not only to help their personnel prepare for retirement but also to demonstrate their concern about the employees' welfare before, during, and after they separate from the organization.
KCPD and the prosecutor's orifice separately review cases and determine whether each one should be approved or disapproved for DNA testing.
A Cold Case Review Sheet is completed, noting that testing has been approved, and is attached to the original investigative file that is then returned to the KCPD Cold Case Sex Crimes Unit.
The Case Review Sheet is then printed off, attached to the case, and returned with the investigative file to the KCPD Sex Crimes Cold Case Unit.
Cases that are initially reviewed by the KCPD Sex Crimes Cold Case Unit (those from the 2000s backwards) are forwarded by the police to the prosecutor's office.
Not only does it enable the KCPD to respond faster and more safely to gunfire incidents, but the solution also allows officers to proactively develop effective problem-oriented, data-driven policing strategies and tactical deployments.
Once implemented, KCPD will be able to gather detailed gunfire incident information and forensic evidence from ShotSpotter for investigations and analysis, resulting in increased prosecutions for gun-related crime, and the data will enhance crime analysis and predictive policing capabilities, leading to improved public safety and security.
Congressman Cleaver is the catalyst for bringing this technology to Kansas City," said KCPD Chief Darryl Forte.
KCPD is partnering with SST to deploy the technology in areas with high incidents of gunfire.
ShotSpotter Flex will be delivered to KCPD in a hosted, subscription-based service making it more affordable, more easily deployed, and delivered without the extensive up-front costs, IT resources and expenses of a traditional technology acquisition.
The KCPD vehicle impound facility designed by el dorado achieved a LEED Gold rating from the U.