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KCPSKaplan College Preparatory School (online secondary school)
KCPSKent County Public Schools (Maryland)
KCPSKilo Counts Per Second
KCPSKilocycles Per Second (heat)
KCPSKansas City Public Service (railroad)
KCPSKing City Public Schools (King City, CA)
KCPSKwai Chung Public School (Hong Kong)
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In this paper, we explored the literature and current successful practices to shed light on the planning and development processes of the KBUD phenomenon with respect to the construction of KCPs. In general, the findings of global best practices, Australian practices and the comparison have revealed that despite their branding and characteristic differences, KCPs do provide space for knowledge generation and place for knowledge communities.
Accuracy with relative errors less than 2 % for major constituents (mass fractions greater than 0.1) and errors less than 0.001 mass fraction at low concentrations can usually be achieved by restricting count rates to below 3 kcps, selecting specific elements on the basis of prior knowledge of the sample, working at 15 kV or higher so that the well-separated K lines for transition elements are available, avoiding analysis of any line below 1 keV in energy and making regular checks of energy calibration and beam current.
Sample Z-Average d (nm) Derived count rate (kcps) Microaggregates (MA) 2775 [+ or -] 712 331 [+ or -] 17 Micro-/nanoaggregates (MNA) 531 [+ or -] 23 241 [+ or -] 2 n = 3; Z-Average d (nm) is the average diameter of particles.
"We were at a point where we needed to replace a large number of buses in our fleet," says David Smith, chief of staff for KCPS. "This allowed us to purchase buses and save us a good deal of money in terms of fuel and maintenance.
The two plaintiffs, KCPS security officers Danny Holmes and Paul White, filed their action in 2015.
PHOIBOS DLESD HSA3500 analyzer with a resolution of 0.6 eV for 656 kcps at pass energy of 12 eV was used to collect the spectra.
The PN sequence generator produces a PN code of 256 chips length, and chip rate R= 256 kcps (kilo chips per second).