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KCPSKaplan College Preparatory School (online secondary school)
KCPSKent County Public Schools (Maryland)
KCPSKilo Counts Per Second
KCPSKilocycles Per Second (heat)
KCPSKansas City Public Service (railroad)
KCPSKing City Public Schools (King City, CA)
KCPSKwai Chung Public School (Hong Kong)
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About KCPS: KCPS Satellite Communications, Limited Partnership, is a limited partnership formed under the laws of the State of Israel in 2009 for the sole purpose of acquiring shares in Gilat.
KCPS merges KDDI Wide Area Virtual Switch, which adds different virtual network layers, and Kii s software into one platform.
All holders of Gilat shares should read the tender offer materials, filed by KCPS, and the Tender Offer Solicitation/Recommendation Statement with respect to the tender offer, filed by Gilat, with the SEC and the ISA.
KCPS combines KDDI Wide Area Virtual Switch, which integrates different virtual network layers, and Kii's software into one platform.
The analysis should also include an evaluation of the District s current utilization rates and school size standards and associated short-term and long-term recommendations about how to best deliver services to KCPS students.
KCPS and York have entered into a voting agreement with respect to Gilat shares, and, under the Israeli Securities Law, it is deemed that KCPS and York jointly hold 20.
KCPS, a private prep school, offers a full range of core curriculum, Advanced Placement, honors classes, electives and college prep courses.
Most KCPS courses are eight weeks long and enrollment is open now through August 31.
KCPS and KHS, two of KVE's private schools, serve online students across the country.
KCPS offers students seeking alternatives to traditional education a robust college preparatory curriculum, a significant amount of one-on-one teacher interaction, and the flexibility to schedule course work around their unique needs.
KCPS is offering more than 45 online courses, including core curriculum, honors and SAT prep classes, that can be taken virtually anywhere at any time.
Among the key findings were those students who used the Kuder Career Planning System (KCPS) experienced an increase in academic performance as measured by their grade point average (GPA) or achievement test scores (ACT or SAT); fewer changes in college major along with a higher degree of alignment between their college major choice and their assessment results - increasing the rate at which they graduated and selected career choices that were more congruent with characteristics about themselves; and demonstrated increased career exploration behavior through the use of the KCPS resulting in a more successful transition from high school to postsecondary education.