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KCPTKansas City Public Television
KCPTKinematic Carrier Phase Tracking
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All models were further adjusted for the following covariates identified a priori: age (at the time of 4- or 5-y follow-up for the K-CPT analyses and at the time of 7-y follow-up for the ANT analyses), sex, preterm birth (<37 weeks of gestation, yes/no), maternal cognitive performance [assessed at 4- or 5-y follow-up, using the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAISIV) Similarities subscale, one of four subscales used to measure verbal comprehension], maternal smoking during pregnancy (yes/no), and exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (smoking by any resident of the child' s home at 4-y follow-up for the KCPT analyses and at 4- or 5-y as well as 7-y follow-ups for the ANT analyses, yes/no).
"MDR's #250 service gives our viewers another way to give," said Cliff Kuehl, CEO of KCPT. "We wanted to get into the mobile market because we know that's where our younger viewers are and we need to cultivate them as our future member-donors."
"Anyone who buys one of the titles is entitled to be called Sir or Dame as long as they put KCPT, or for females DCPT, after their names.
"We even got foreign policy questions, stuff nobody ever asks about," says Nick Haines of KCPT public television.
On the other side of the state, Cynthia Smith, vice president of content at KCPT (Channel 19), said, "We're talking about culture and travel and business, some politics depending on what's happening in the state legislature.