KCSDKlamath County School District (Oregon)
KCSDKennett Consolidated School District (Kennett Square, Pennsylvania)
KCSDKeystone Central School District (Lock Haven, Pennsylvania)
KCSDKern County Sheriff's Department (California)
KCSDKnox County School District (Tennessee)
KCSDKing County Search Dogs (Washington State)
KCSDKnox County Sheriff Department
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As a school board, we have a very healthy relationship with our superintendent, the KCSD administration and our faculty and staff.
The students of KCSD were given the privilege to be the first school in the nation to experience e-learning.
The system just collapsed." Earlier in the report, Ciotti had observed that, as KCSD declined, "it was hard to find people to run for the school board.
If Ciotti's descriptions are accurate, then calling the KCSD "dysfunctional" would be too kind.
KCSD hoped to round up 5,000 to 10,000 students from the suburbs, but, in spite of $900,000 for television advertising and $6.4 million for door-to-door transportation, no more than 1,500 suburban students ever showed up at KCSD schools.
What, you ask, do weight rooms, racquetball courts, and running tracks have to do with the fact that this whole thing began with the fact that black students in KCSD weren't achieving well?
In the most telling paragraph in his report, Ciotti comes close to acknowledging that, in reality, the KCSD experiment had nothing to do with student achievement: "The most pressing problem with the Kansas City schools, which were mostly black to begin with, was not that they weren't integrated but that the schools were falling down and the students weren't learning.
The issue of class size in KCSD has received some ink and has been misinterpreted.
The pupil/teacher ratio certainly doesn't correspond to class size in KCSD, as even Ciotti admits.