KCTUKorean Confederation of Trade Unions
KCTUKarnataka Council for Technological Upgradation (India)
KCTUKrakowskie Centrum Terapii Uzaleznien (Polish: Krakow Addiction Treatment Center)
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According to a Cheong Wa Dae official, the KCTU leaders gave a positive response to Moon's suggestion for the union to participate in the dialogue.
Adding KCTU as a new affiliate is a clear indication of Estrella TV's momentum and rapid expansion, as well as its growing influence as a leading Spanish-language broadcasting company that offers high quality and relevant content to Hispanics living in the U.
By joining the KCTU alliance, the new KEPCO union was able to raise the support of other public sector labor unions in their struggle to oppose privatization.
KCTU has frequently issued calls for a general strike in recent years but the only significant action taken has been rotating work stoppages at locations where unionized labor is highly organized.
23) The KCTU, whose leadership was forced to step down in the face of the opposition of its rank-and-file members (mostly chaebol unions) to the legalization of the layoffs for managerial reasons, refused to participate in the second phase of the Tripartite Commission (June 1998-August 1999) and finally withdrew from the Tripartite Commission in February 1999.
However, there are national movements within SIGTUR such as the KCTU which are struggling to evolve new forms of organisation which engage casualised workers.
In response to sharp opposition from the militant KCTU labor federation, the government was forced to negotiate employment safeguards and compensating measures to cushion the impact of weakened job security legislation.
And a delegation of organizing directors from three US unions recently used ACILS funds to visit South Korea, where they exchanged ideas with their counterparts in the KCTU.
The assessment that Korean unions are far from populist in their mentality and policy was corroborated during telephone interviews with union leaders and labor scholars: Kim Yoo Sun, Deputy Director of the Korean Labor and Society Institute, former Director of Policy Planning at the KCTU, and member of the Tripartite Commission, Monday, May 31, 1999; Lee Byoung-Hoon, formerly leader of the IBM Korea labor union, June 4, 1999; Son Ho Chul, Professor, Seo-kang University, Seoul, June 2, 1999.
The KCTU said it has 600,000 members from about 1,200 member labor unions, including Hyundai Motor Co.
Until now, the strikes have been limited to Seoul but from Monday they will begin to spread nationwide," KCTU president Mr Lee Kap-yong told reporters yesterday.
However, the KCTU has continued to organise -- most recently a rally of 50,000 people in Seoul on 8 November, 1998.