KCVKatholieke Charismatische Vernieuwing (Dutch: Catholic Charismatic Renewal; Netherlands)
KCVKorea Council of Volunteering (est. 1994; South Korea)
KCVKnox Community Volunteers, Inc. (est. 1975; Knox, Victoria, Australia)
KCVKale-Chomping Vegans
KCVKey Customer Values (marketing)
KCVKort Cyclisch Verbeteren (Dutch: Short Cyclic Improvement)
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However, this patient had no history of foreign travel and no evidence of infection with KCV, the only other rhabdovirus associated with bats in North America.
Apart from improving the performance of KCV method classification procedure by boosting parameters, it can be further improved by iteratively adjust this classifier in favor of those instances misclassified by previous iterations.
Our proposed method has many advantages as follows: (i) it handles non-linearity in a disciplined manner (ii) by introducing the pair wise class discriminant information and simultaneously employing boosting to robustly adjust the information, it effectively overcomes the problem in KCV (iii) it constitutes a strong ensemble based KCV framework having advantages of both the boosting and KCV techniques.
In this section we describe the KCV method proposed in (18) briefly.
In the above KCV method, the discriminant criterion considers only the class scatter and it neglects the neighboring class's inferences.
In KCV method each class space is modeled as separate subspaces.
These enhanced scatter operators are used in KCV method to compute the common vector in our proposed method.
Results of impact resistance tests KCV at room temperature of samples of lengthwise orientation (along direction of steel rolling) practically do not reveal any significant changes of its real value in areas with increasing degree of damages of corroded surface.
Results of KCV impact resistance test for steel from tanks No.
A full five-seater, the KCV III is officially a design concept at this stage, but public reaction in Europe has been so enthusiastic that a production version will almost certainly be on the cards.
The values of HB and KCV, assure a good comportment to fatigue strength.
Patohistoloski pregled bioptata jetre raden je na Institutu za patologiju i histologiju KCV u Novom Sadu, za odredivanje nekroinflamatorne aktivnosti i stepena fibroze koriscen je Knodelov modifikovan numericki skor.