KCWKentucky Commission on Women (Frankfort, KY)
KCWKids Computer Workshop (Washington, DC)
KCWKansas City Wiz (soccer team)
KCWKuhnsville Car Wash (Allentown, PA)
KCWKentucky College for Women (est. 1854)
KCWKensington, Chelsea and Westminster Ramblers' Group (London, England, UK)
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To do so, KCW needs to target and successfully distort what Alvin and Heidi Toffler call "truth filters," used to validate one's observations and beliefs.
A shift from information-centric warfare to KCW is now well under way, due in large part to the amazing new technologies appearing on and above the battlefield--a fact that we need to realize and embrace.
For that reason, we have to think beyond cyber-based maneuvers at the tactical level and focus on adapting and perfecting our KCW capabilities at the strategic level in order to compete effectively.
Successful application of KCW depends upon its organization.
Bright Tech takes the raw i wheels and polishes them so KCW can start the plating process.
And the quality of Bright Tech's work is no small consideration to KCW.
Both the editors and the adviser, however, have better hopes for the future, agreeing that there is not a dearth of potential at KCW but just a lack of attention and proper guidance, adding that the "peak" of negligence has been reached leaving no other option but to "return".
In reviewing media coverage of the 1992 elections, the KCW study found that male candidates were usually referred to by name, with little descriptive wording attached.
KCW, headed by businessman Kim Woodard, wants to change the designation on its 11.
In its application, KCW said it would have "more success" developing its holdings with the broader uses.
The city probably will evaluate whether to expand the list of allowed uses on all commercial-tourist land, not just the KCW parcels, he said.
The Oregon Department of Transportation has asked KCW for a traffic impact study on the use change, Schesser said.