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kDaKilodaltons (molecular weight)
kDaKills Deaths Assists (gaming)
kDaKuratorium Deutsche Altershilfe (German: Trustees German Old-Age Insurance)
kDaKarachi Development Authority (Pakistan)
kDaKentucky Distillers Association
kDaKentucky Department of Agriculture
kDaKanpur Development Authority (India)
kDaKhulna Development Authority (Bangladesh)
kDaKongsberg Defence & Aerospace (Norway)
kDaKachin Defense Army
kDaKansas Department of Administration
kDaKansas Dental Association
kDaKentucky Dressage Association
kDaKentucky Dietetic Association (advocate)
kDaKazaa Download Accelerator (software)
kDaKill Destroy Annihilate (gaming clan)
kDaKnown Direction of Arrival
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Over the years, the KDA has planned a range of residential plots varying in size from 60 to over 4,000 square yards.
The local government minister banned the purchasing of new vehicles for KDA informing the meeting that the provincial government had banned the purchase of all kinds of vehicles.
The KDA official presented a report which drew severe outrage of the high court's judge.
The DG KDA also immediately directed the Officer Sports Affairs to take appropriate steps to establish the Basket Ball team.
Police claimed to have arrested at least three accused persons while charged mob torched at least five motorbikes, car, shops and also ransacked other valuables while erected barricades burnt tires while staged sit-in protest against the KDA officials.
The KDA, the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation and other civic bodies, backed by law enforcers, are currently carrying out anti-encroachment operations throughout the metropolis on the orders of the Supreme Court.was to be launched on Monday.
report of KDA land/property encroached upon by land mafia.
At the outset, the bench members inquired from the KDA director-general (DG) about action against the illegal carving of thousands of amenity plots in the city and encroachments on them.
The court ordered KDA, Karachi Metropolitan Corporation, and Deputy Commissioners to immediately evacuate the occupation of the plots coming under their mandated domains, and directed the development authority to cancel allotments of welfare plots with immediate effect.
These results suggested that the 38 kDa is the major structural component (FliC) of the flagella filament.
As an aid in the diagnosis of systemic rheumatic diseases, the Varelisa Re-Combi ANA Profile is designed for the qualitative determination of 8 antinuclear antibodies, including dsDNA; Sm (B, B', and D); RNP (68 kDa, A, and C); SS-A/Ro (52 kDa and 60 kDa); 55-B/La; Scl-70; Jo-1; and centromere in individual breakaway microwells using human serum or plasma.
Ltd.(Osaka, Japan) has patented a polypeptide exhibiting the antigenicity of Mycoplasma gallisepticum, a fused polypeptide comprising the above polypeptide and, connected to the N-terminus thereof, a signal membrane anchor of a type II outer-membrane polypeptide of a virus that infects birds, or a polypeptide capable of reacting with a mycoplasma-immune serum or a mycoplasma-infected serum and exhibiting a substantially pure antigenecity, respectively having amino acid sequences of about 32 kDa, about 40 kDa, or about 70 kDa.